IAMO SOLUTIONS is a private limited company, incorporated in 2013 Act.

What is Aggregator Business?
In which business, company has no own product or service. Company will do tie up with other stores and services and provide customers to them from its platform, (Ex- OLA, UBER, ZOMATO, OYO etc…) After providing consumers, company will charge a commission from those stores and service providers.

IAMO Bazaar Doing Tie up

We are doing tie up with all categories of store from all goods and services.
Ex. - Grocery, Vegetable, Garments, Jewellery, Car, Laundry, Clinic, etc…

In which Area?
We are doing tie up with all areas in India. It may be Urban, it may be rural, it may be small market or big market, it may be small or big store.

How much stores?
We are doing tie up with a ratio of 5:1 from a particular category in 1km radios.

1 to 5 Grocery store1 tie up
6 to 10 Grocery store2 tie up
11 to 15 Grocery stores3 tie up

How much commission do company charge from a store?
We have a minimum commission slab for each category of goods or services. Any vendor or store can also give higher percentage as they can Ex.:

Grocery2% Minimum
Vegetable4% Minimum
Hotel6% Minimum

When will vendor/store give commission?
After getting business, vendor will transfer the translation amount to that particular consumer’s registered mobile number. Ones he transfer then the commission will be automatically deducted from his/her wallet balance.

How will vendor/store reload his/her wallet balance?
In two ways, he/she can reload

  1. Online wallet load
  2. Load wallet offline from his/her area executive

How much activation charges from vendor/store?
Vendor activation charges – Rs. 127 + GST 18% for 1 Year

Is there any Renewal for vendor/store?
Renewal charges Rs.127 + GST 18% will be charged for each year.

Will the vendor/store give commission from his or her existing business?
No, Iamo bazaar will take commission only from the business, generated by him/her through Iamo bazaar registered consumers.

How will vendor/store transfer the transaction amount to consumer’s registered number?
In two ways he/she can do it.

  1. Through Application
    1. Click the “Point Transfer” option
    2. Type the “consumer number” & transaction “amount”
    3. Click “Verify” then “OK”
  2. Through SMS [from registered number]
    1. Type consumer number and transaction amount
    2. Send to our service number

How consumer will get his/her cash back?

  1. Consumer has to give only his/her registered mobile number to the store keeper.
  2. Then the store keeper will transfer the transaction amount to his/her number.
  3. Then automatically consumer cash back will be added to his/her Iamo wallet.

How consumer will redeem his/her cash back?

  1. Any time consumer can give request to transfer his/her wallet balance to his/her bank account. [Minimum Rs.100]
  2. Within 2 working days it will be automatically transferred to his/her bank account.
  3. He/she can redeem his/her wallet balance at any of our tie up store against his/her expenditure.

What is the benefits of coupon?

  1. Each coupon holder will participate in a monthly surprising cash back program.
  2. If you have multi coupon then your participation will be also multiplied.

Which area can a consumer refer a store or consumer?
Anywhere in India consumer can refer a store or consumer.

How many times will a consumer get commotion from his/her refereed consumers or stores?
He/she will get spot cash back from each of his/her referred stores or consumers for life time.